aplicacion de vision artificial control de calidad


SOLUTIONS IN ARTIFICIAL VISION Enicont, offers solutions in artificial vision for different industrial sectors: Automotive, plastic, food, ceramics, wood, glass, etc. Applications of high cadence (100,000 pieces hour) and high complexity. Integral solutions: Vision, Lighting, auxiliary peripheral for fastening and

Automated solutions with quality control


INTEGRAL SOLUTIONS  Our engineers will carry out a study of the automation process and will offer you a technical and optimized solution, a process adapted to the needs of the customer with performs. Our technical office has software of design

Cutting laser machine


CUT AND MARKING LASER Enicont Integrates and distributes compact equipment for laser cutting and marking to parts (metallic, plastic, etc). Our equipment is characterized by its easy use, simply with a reference of the part and the import file. We

Hand grip for mold


 DESIGN , MANUFACTURING HAND GRIP.(EOATS) COMPACT WITH INTEGRATED MOVEMENT Provided of own linear axes and systems of rotation. VERSATILES Profile structure and standard elements type KIT ALL TYPE OF PIECES DIFFERENT WAYS DIFFERENT MEASURES from 0.2 mm to 1500 mm

Cutting of surplus fabric with ultrasound machine


CUTTING WELDING ULTRASONIC  Solutions and cuting equipment for the welding of plastic parts using ultrasonic technology. This technology gives us: A high cadence, improves aesthetics and gives a great uniformity. The equipment ranges from the hand gun, the manual presses;

Placement of inserts in a mold with a robot


INSERT MOULDING At ENICONT we specialize in the overmolding of all types of inserts: Metallic, Tissues, labels, etc. Our sophisticated grip hands adapt in most cases to any type of Robot: Cartesian or 6 axes. SYSTEMS OF FEEDING AUTOMATIC SEMIAUTOMATIC

Robotic cell with double conveyor belt


CLOSURES AND AUTOMATION ADAPTED CELLS We develop automation polyvalent cells that allow a standardization in the plant. Our cells are also expandable, so we can incorporate elements (robot, tape, vibrator) depending on the changes in the application. This modality allows scaled

Peripheral assembly machine and quality control


Peripheral assembly and quality control Enicont offers solutions for the post-process of the part in the manufacturing lines. Our solutions range from ergonomic manual mounting. Up to one full solution with automatic assembly of elements (staples, adhesives, insertion) combined with a

Application foam insulation ceracon


Sealing Technology. (Foam  insulation)  Sealing technology replaces the usual Silicone gasket and other materials offering better quality in most hermetic seals with a high degree of protection (IP). This technology is prevailing in the assembly of parts of the car,