Sealing Technology. (Foam  insulation) 

Sealing technology replaces the usual Silicone gasket and other materials offering better quality in most hermetic seals with a high degree of protection (IP). This technology is prevailing in the assembly of parts of the car, constituting a noise insulation far superior to the adhesives commonly used.

This solution is present mainly in the sectors: AUTOMATION, ELECTRONICS and WHITE LINE.


Area of application. Application foam insulation of ceracon

The main sectors are: Automobile, electric, electronic and white line among others.
Locks, modules for doors, headlamps, connection housings, watertight boxes, filter covers, noise reduction between plastic parts.



  • Monocomponent: A few cleaning cycles required, material available 99%.
  • Design of parts simpler.
  • Reduction of development costs.
  • Automated process.
  • High Resistance.The composition of isolated cells of the joint, makes it remain hermetic even if it breaks
  • It allows to place the joint in contour 3d.


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